Assignment 2

The clock assignment is due Thursday 2/21 at 5pm.

Take three of the clock examples we provided and modify them enough to make them your own. Next, sketch (at least) 6 representations of time on paper. Choose three of the best to implement in code from scratch. All of the clocks should be 400x400 pixels, and use only black, white, and gray (no color).

Submission instructions coming shortly.

Office Hours this Week

Lukas and Dalma may hold different office hours due to the President's Day holiday.

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February 15

Today's Lab

  1. Download Processing from this link
    • If you already have Processing installed, make sure you're using 3.5.3 (the latest version)
  2. Install p5jsMode:
    • Start Processing
    • In the upper-right, click the drop-down menu that says “Java”
    • Select “Add Mode...”
    • Choose “p5.js Mode” from the list and click “Install”
    • Close that window
  3. Add the clock examples:
    • Download from this link
    • Unzip that file
    • Add the “clocks” folder to your Processing “sketchbook” folder. Usually this will be a folder called “Processing” inside your “Documents” folder.
    • Restart Processing

Assignment 1

The first assignment (two examples: simple and complex) is due Thursday 2/14 at 5pm.

Find two examples of information design or data visualization: one simple, and one complex. Write a brief (100-200 words) note for each about why you've chosen it, and what you think makes it simple or complex: How many data points are included? Is the representation communicating effectively or hiding something? How could it be improved?

For each example, collect 1) your description, 2) a link to the original, and 3) an image (JPG or PNG).

Assignments should be emailed to fry at mit dot edu before 5pm Thursday 5/14. (Late assignments are not accepted.) Each description should just be plain text in the body of the email, and the two PNG or JPG images added as attachments.

Spring 2019


The course syllabus can be found here. The document will be updated as we adjust from week-to-week.

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