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End-of-term evaluations are now open. We'd love to hear your comments on the course: good and bad, what you liked and what we can improve. Open-ended comments are especially useful and we want to hear your thoughts.

Deadlines and hand-in instructions for the rest of the semester

All assignments are due 9pm the night before class:

  • Your Final Project Draft is due Tuesday, May 2.
  • Near-Final Project is due Tuesday, May 9.
  • The Final Project is due Thursday, May 11, regardless of the day you'll be having your crit.
The assignment descriptions can be found at those links. The schedule is important: the checkpoints are there to ensure a successful project. Missing any of them will have a serious impact on the final project grade.

Final Project Plan due Tuesday 4/25

Use this link to post your final project plans. The link includes the assignment description.

Collections due Thursday 4/20

Description of the Collections assignment due next Thursday evening. Use this link to hand it in.

Lecture examples from Wednesday 4/19

Personal projects and curiosities:

Previous final projects:

Target simple and clear for your final projects. Remember: it's always easier to add more later. We'd rather see something straightforward and well thought out than something complex but unfinished. Think about your experience with the storytelling assignment in particular: how long did it take to find a story in the data? to put the presentation together? to make an interactive version? You'll be doing all those steps here, plus finding your own data set. But planning out how you'll spend your time will be important.

Final motion assignment due Tuesday 4/18

Upload your final Interactive Visualization projects here.

Collections Assignment project description

Description of the Collections assignment due next Thursday evening. (Hand-in link will be posted soon.)

Code progress due Tuesday 4/11

Submit your assignments here. (Full assignment description still here.)

Motion examples for Friday 4/7

Here are additional examples that build on what we covered on Wednesday. These versions cover simple interactions, as well as loading one of the No Ceilings .csv files.

  • The online version walks through each stage, step by step, and runs them from the browser. There are notes on each page that describe what's changed.
  • Or you can download all of the steps as a single archive.
These examples are intended to show how the data can be used, but shouldn't necessarily be the starting point for your sketches. When you're trying to represent different kinds of data, don't forget the weather examples we've posted in the past (or the clock code for that matter). They can provide clues on how to implement one type of form or another.

Sketches due Thursday 4/6 at 9pm

Use this link to submit sketches. More details in the section below.

Animation links for Wednesday 4/5 and deadlines for Storytelling II

  • The SoftFloat class, add this to your sketch by saving it, then dragging the file into the Processing editor window.
  • Description and due dates for the next assignment. Includes schedule for the next two weeks.

Tuesday, March 21

How to hand in your storytelling assignments this week:

  • Storyboards for Wednesday: One person from each group should submit sketches by 9am Wednesday 3/22.
  • Final presentations due Thursday evening: Each group should have one person submit their presentation materials by 9pm on Thursday in advance of Friday morning's class.

Friday 3/10 Critique

Assignment 5 is to finalize one of your two weather apps from Assignment 4. Upload your updated version here before 9am on Friday.

Wednesday 3/8

Links from today's guest lecture:

Assignment 4 is due Tuesday 3/7

The next assignment is due at 6pm on Tuesday. Supporting links:

  • The Grid Example sketch used from class on Friday 3/3.
  • Add this line to index.html to make your sketch scale properly for your phone: <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1"> It can be placed after the other <meta> line.
  • The moment.js code posted for Wednesday's class had a bug calculating AM and PM. Change this.hour on line 29 to this.hour24 and it will work properly. The example link has the updated code (which also includes the updated index.html).

Wednesday, March 1

Assignment 3 due Tuesday 2/28

Assignment 3 is due at 11pm on Tuesday. Upload your assignments here. Grades will be based on whatever you've submitted by 11pm, so we recommend that you post your progress along the way rather than waiting until the last minute. Don't forget to save each part.

Assignment 1 and 2 Review Pages

View the work turned in for Assignment 1 (Examples), and Assignment 2 (Clocks)

Assignment 2 due Thursday (2/16)

The assignment page is here. The twelve example clocks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Use the p5.js Editor for your projects.

Pedro will be holding office hours from 9:30-11:30 in room E15-120b. Entrance is through the Cube (E15-001), and in case doors are closed (he’ll try to avoid that), email him and he’ll let you in.

Assignment 1

The first assignment (two examples: simple and complex) was due Tuesday (2/14) at 5pm. Submissions are now closed.

Spring 2017


The course syllabus can be found here. The document will change as we adjust from week-to-week, so keep the link handy.

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